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Cognitive Tests


In 1961, at the age of 15, study members were given their third set of cognitive tests. The tests were selected to look at a broad range of abilities and included verbal and non-verbal reasoning, reading and mathematics, and followed on from similar tests given at ages 8 and 11. These tests were given to study members under the supervision of a member of their school staff.

The tests selected in 1961 were the Alice Heim (AH4) test, the Watts-Vernon reading test and a mathematics test specifically constructed for the NSHD. In the full set administered there were 212 questions grouped into four separate timed tests; it was highly unusual for anyone to finish the complete test; indeed they were designed to push students. The tests themselves were ideally given to study members in the morning, on two consecutive days. On the first day study members sat the verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests. On the second day the reading and mathematics tests were given.

Below are links to shortened versions of the four separate timed tests. These too are time limited although we have allowed more time than study members would have had in 1961! For each test there is a page of short instructions, followed by the test itself.

Good luck and enjoy!